Living Room, Bedroom Design & Kitchen Interior in Dhaka, Bangladesh

House Decor in Bangladesh

The living room is the first room of the one normally enters. It is most times also the only room in which people who are unrelated to the family are allowed entry. This is, therefore, the space, which creates the ambiance for interaction with casual acquaintances and other people that the family is not on intimate terms with. It is the room, which is the signature of the lifestyle to the occupants of the home.

As they say, first impressions can often be the last; therefore the design of these semi public areas is of utmost importance to any well-designed home. The opportune use of geometrical cutouts and primary color wall treatments as well as textured wall surface give this living room an aura of adventure. The furniture is played down so as to not distract from this excitement.

The high cost of housing means that space is at a premium and luxury of a separate sitting room has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, during a typical week, the living room may be used as a place in which to eat study, socialize, entertain, exercise, work, relax and even sleep.

Each of these has its own requirement so if one has to fulfill all these functions, special-occasion function room, entertainment headquarters, gymnasium, craft or romantic retreat. If the living space is busy all day, the comfortable and robust furniture and furnishings will stand the pace. However, if you are out all day, the living room is often an after-hours place of refuge, you can go for more primary function, and you may also want it to include provisions for a computer or hobby materials.
If your lifestyle means you are out most evenings, the living room may be empty except at weekends, when it becomes a special place to enjoy time relaxing, entertaining or doing something completely different. If this is the case, you may want to rethink your home and incorporate the under-used living room in another room.

What people require from their homes varies according to their needs, personalities, and budget. Some may dream of minimal heaven but this may not suit a young family; who would want to fill their home with beautiful antiques. If you work from home, you may need some place that runs like an efficient and comfortable hotel, or perhaps a home that serves as an advertisement for you and your work.

If you are an outdoor person, you may have paraphernalia associated with a life of activity or if you are the arty type your environment will contain objects and artifacts that are your treasures and inspiration. People who enjoy being surrounded by friends and family usually provide a welcoming ambiance conducive to social gatherings, while that love peace and quiet may benefit from a little among a happy clutter of beloved possessions. The design should include not only in the look of the room but also in how it meets your lifestyle needs.