Office Interior Design in Dhaka

A great office interior design will accurately mirror your core values and strategic objectives and will increase the productivity in your staff. Office Principles has been designing offices and interiors for 25 years, and our commercial designers specialize in creating cutting edge, cost effective design concepts for the office of the future. A well-designed office interior will increase the efficiency of your staff. This will in turn affect the overall profitability of your organization.

Office Interior in Dhaka Bangladesh

 1) Lighting

First of all, remember those lights are very important in your workplace. A well-lit space is essential to help maintain a good work environment. Natural light makes people happier: so, when you come to design your office, make the most of the sunlight with windows, skylights and glass walls. You will even save on your electric bill!

2) Office furniture

Choose an appropriate furniture for your business. There are lots of possible solutions around, so before you contact your interior designer, think about the best way to organize spaces in your office in order to ease the workflow, and consider a possible expansion.

3) Safety

Most employees spend more than 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer and this can cause various health problems, in particular back pain. It’s important to choose furniture specifically designed for offices, which takes into account ergonomics, like the Colombini Casa office furniture.

4) Color

Neutral colors are the most popular in offices, but they are not the only choice. Light blue can help concentration, and if you are always in contact with your customers, interior designers also recommend a touch of extra color for your office design. A dash of red or orange gives energy.


5) Meeting room

In addition to offices, you’ll need a place in your business dedicated to meetings. The exchange of ideas fosters creativity and ensures the success of your projects. The interior design of this conference room needs to be accurate and smart and it also need the right furniture.

6) Recreational space

Create some space where employees can relax for a few minutes on their coffee break. In this case, your interior design should recreate a natural environment; add a little green with some plants or flowers.

7) Branding

Your office should talk about you. Even your interior design is a very effective way to communicate your values to employees, customers and visitors. Don’t forget to brand it!

Your employees will work more efficiently and effectively if your office has been well designed. A well designed environment should increase your productivity and ensure your business is operating at peak performance. If your workplace is optimized it will increase employee satisfaction and boost your productivity.


An effective office workplace will:

  • Increase the productivity and profitability of the business.
  • Ensure that space is used effectively and is working hard.
  • Allow room for future growth and potential of the business.
  • Enhance the flexibility of the workspace.
  • Include an appropriate amount of storage throughout the workplace.
  • Strengthen your business’s core values, support its culture and reflect the brand.
  • Include an appropriate amount of storage throughout the workplace.
  • Strengthen your business’s core values, support its culture and reflect the brand.